githubinstall 0.1.0: New Feature for A Helpful Way to Install R Packages Hosted on GitHub

We have updated our githubinstall package. It is now on CRAN.


Using the package, you can install R packages hosted on GitHub without usernames.

# It is same as devtools::install_github("twitter/AnomalyDetection")

We introduced the package in the previous entry.

You can install or update the package as follows.


New Feature

We have added a new feature to the new version of the package.

Now, you can install packages with specifying Git references (branch, tag, commit and pull request).

Developers are divided in policy to manage R packages on GitHub. If a package is going to be developed in "develop" branch, you may want to install the package from the branch.

gh_install_packages() has ref argument to specify Git references. For instance, you can install awaptools from the "develop" branch as follows:

githubinstall("awaptools", ref = "develop")

You may sometimes encounter failing to install packages because its repository HEAD is broken. In such case, you can specify a tag or commit to ref. In almost cases, tags are added on an unbroken commit. For instance, you can install densratio from the “v0.0.3” tag as follows:

githubinstall("densratio", ref = "v0.0.3")

Even if you cannot find such tags, you can install packages from any commit that is not broken. For instance, you can install densratio from the “e8233e6” commit as follows:

githubinstall("densratio", ref = "e8233e6")

Finally, you may find a patch for fixing bugs as a pull request. In such case, you can specify pull requests to ref using github_pull(). For instance, you can install dplyr from the pull request #2058 as follows:

githubinstall("dplyr", ref = github_pull("2058"))

Bug Fixes

We have fixed some bugs reported on Issues. It has detailed on NEWS.

If you find some bugs or need new features, we would appreciate reporting it.

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