4th Japan.R meeting on December, 6

We had an exciting meeting "Japan.R" with many talks on last Saturday.
(I should have made an advance notice.)

(This is the picture of our venue. Thanks FreakOut!!!)

We are so pleased that many participants(over 200!!!) enjoyed the talks and have a great relationship each other in pizza party.

The following link is the website for participants.

You can find the time table of Japan.R in the above web site:

13:30~13:45Opening Talk@gepuro, @0kayu
13:45~14:15Easy to create a choropleth map with choroplethr package@AriLamstein
14:15~14:45Data science ecosystem:Approach in Opt data science lab@shsaix
15:00~15:30Compare Deep Learning with the other classifiers with R@TJO_datasci
15:30~16:00Machine Learning @ FreakOut (仮)@yanaoki
16:15~17:15Language discussion(R, SAS, python, Julia, Excel(not language...))
17:30~18:30Lightning Talk festivals
18:30~20:00Pizza party

One of the greatest point is that we invited @Arilamstein who developed choroplethr package and he gave his talk!!! Thanks @Arilamstein!!!

You can also find the workshops reports of Japan.R in the following links:
The second link is very useful because you can see the presentation slide uploaded online.

The next Japan.R meeting will be hold next year and I will release advance notice next time.
Needless to say, everyone is welcome to join!

We are not sure that there are a lot of guys who want to join but can not read Japanese.
If you so, please let me know.
we will write English version agendas and info for next meeting.