The time series of JGB Interest Rate(10Y) over the last one year

World wide quantitative easing does not seem to end. I live and work in Japan which has the lowest interest rate.

Thanks to Quandl and RStudio, I can easily get the data of the interest rate and visualize it with R and dygraphs package!

You can understand how you download the data of the interest rate from Quandl and vizualize it as javascript graph(dygraphs) with R when you see the following document published in RPubs.

And also, You can download the entire content of the above document including R code from the following link:

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  1. I wouldn't agree that Quantitative Easing reduces rates I think it mostly does not affect rates The question has been largely debated, but the main thing to remember is that: It is an asset swap between the CB and a counterparty bank in which an asset is traded for bank reserves. So if both assets are of same quality liquidity and inflation remain the same.

    However, for some reasons bank reserves can be less liquid then some assets like highly liquid government bonds, and the swap will result in lowering liquidity and with that lowering inflation and yields.

    In Japan I read that the CB can purchase ETF through QE, this complicates things further.